Ius Laboris University Online: what is going on at the 2020's edition?

24 Jul 2020

Isadora Barros

With over 25 participants, the second edition of the 2020 Ius Laboris European University is taking place this week, on July 22 and 24. Instead of physical meetings, this year, we are holding workshops, courses (and drinks!) virtually. The Ius Laboris University is an opportunity for lawyers to meet colleagues from other law firms and engage in different activities targeted at their professional development.

The University's first day is divided into three parts: first, an introduction to the Alliance and detailing of the resources available for members. Then participants are split into teams for an exercise on international project management lead by Hannah Price of Lewis Silkin and Ornella Patanè of Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soc i. If you are interested in learning or improving your management skills for international projects and couldn't join our University session,  a four-module starter course is available on our extranet. The third part of the day is a talk on the impact of societal and political upheaval in the workplace by Roman Gil of Sagardoy Abogados

On the second day, attendees are invited to participate in a legal app building workshop moderated by community.lawyer 's founder Scott Kelly. The community.lawyer no-code platform allows lawyers to quickly automate both internal and client-facing processes. Ius Laboris has been using community.lawyer to build simple tools like our GDPR tool for transferring HR-related data within the EU.  

Our next online Ius Laboris University, for our Americas and Asia-Pacific firms, is coming up soon. More information about this will be available on the extranet .